Welcome to ISOJI

ISOJI is Nigerian for *rennaisanc *revitalization or *rebirth

Mission Statement/Purpose

Our mission, as a neutral strategic catalyst, is to facilitate, coordinate and  implement strategic actions that embed "equity building features" in marginalized social, health, and economic system that translates into more efficient systems, collective impacts, visible accountability and higher degrees of public trust.

Equity/Building Action Plan

  1. Convene monthly equity update forums in Marin City open to the public
  2. CDFI "Community Development Financial Institituion" and Credit Union serving Marin City and Southern Marin-- established in order to drive financial literacy and resources into low income communities
  3. Education Accountaility Forums (periodic) -- to check and recheck the equity growth and status  of local educational institutions
  4. DATABASE -- purposes is for comunications cohesion,  equity accountability and tracking and provide investors with measurable returns on their investmentsInitiate our Art-is-Health outside-the-box communications campaign that connects the attributes of health, wellness, prevention and self-worth (esteem)  to "all" arts  .. and help reduce stigmas, especially in Mental-Behavioral Health service sector. 
  5. To serve as an active member on the Marin County Equity Planning Team
  6. Support Multi-Disciplinary Coordinating Team with local behavioral/mental health delivery strategies
  7. Organizing the implementing the Community Council of Organizations

"Can Do" History

ISOJI is an 18 year old, volunteer operating, neutrual "intermediary" catalyst engaged in Marin City equity and community affairs. 

Significant start-up initiatives include the very successful Marin City Health and Wellness Center, Multi-discipinary and intern training team, a local newspaper with a resource director, workshops on Community Land Trust for affordable housing, liaison work with the California Office of Health Equity and 20 other equity building initiatives.

Areas of Importance

  • Innovations and public accountability
  • Art as a communication's tool that reaches larger, cross cultural, across age barrier audiences -- see www.madamfloodpuppy.com (original/unique) 
  • Systems Thinking and Collective Impacts